Tufts CSDD
150 150 Global Technical Talent

“I have been working with GTT for the past 4 years for our staffing needs at Tufts CSDD. Their ability to understand a client’s needs and repeatedly fulfill placements with consistently high-performing staff is unmatched… GTT has helped us meet the demands of our project-based work time and time again, with the highest level of communication, customer service, and commitment to excellence.”

150 150 Global Technical Talent

“Global Technical Talent excels in quickly producing specialized candidates that match our highly selective staffing processes… We’re pleased with the level of engagement and service, I would recommend GTT to any company seeking top-notch IT professionals.”

150 150 Global Technical Talent

“GTT’s team was able to uncover a broad range of qualified candidates, very quickly, and was exceptional with their consistent communication, keeping me posted throughout our process.  I truly can’t recommend GTT highly enough – they are the cream of the crop!”